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Sometimes a grand piano isn't the right choice because of space, decor, or budget a person has. Even though most upright pianos can't match a grand piano's ample sound or delicate touch, there are a few select specimens that can. Using our long history studying and evaluating pianos, we're confident that we can find you a grand upright piano to suit your requirements.

Professional Quality Upright Pianos

When purchasing any piano, its durability, sound, and responsiveness are the most important elements. The upright pianos that we've chosen to showcase are remarkable not only because of their superb craftsmanship, but also because of their resonant sound. By placing our name behind these pianos, you can feel reassured that any piano you choose is of the highest quality and best value upright pianos available in today's market.

Bechstein Upright Pianos


Each Bechstein piano has its roots in rich European tradition. The Bechstein upright piano follows the Bechstein grand superior craftsmanship, exquisite sound quality, and striking appearance. All of the cabinets of these uprights are lovely, and some featuring beautiful custom finishes. The highest quality in uprights available, these Bechstein uprights are built in Germany with the same quality parts and care that also go into the Bechstein grands. To the discerning pianist, the actions feel amazingly similar to those in a quality grand. Sit down at a Bechstein upright and let its amazing sound quality and subtle responsiveness dazzle you.

Our Bechstein upright models include: the Millennium, the Classic, the Elegance, and the Concert.

Our Bechstein Academy upright models include: the Model A112, the Model A3, the Model A2, and the Model A1.

Schulze Pollmann Upright Pianos


Schulze Pollmann upright pianos have all of the features of a grand upright piano: exceptional construction, elegant European craftsmanship, and striking Italian cabinetry. As with most uprights, this piano's selling point is price, as it is a fraction of the price of most European competitors. A high-quality, mid-level upright piano should be joyous to play as the Schulze Pollmann is, but selective clients also want one that is visually stunning. The only upright piano to meet both requirements is the Schulze Pollmann upright, fitted with hand-crafted, gorgeous Italian cabinetry along with a superior sound. The action is Renner, the soundboard is Ciresa, and rest of the craft is simply superior. This has been a customer favorite for over a decade, and is sure to be a delightful addition to any setting.

The most popular Schulze Pollmann models are the 126 and the 118.

Yamaha Upright Pianos


The excellent upright pianos made by Yamaha are the most distinguished and most purchased professional-grade upright pianos in the world. Their durable build is perfect for demanding institutional use and prolonged venue use, and far exceeds the playing requirements of most home pianists. There is a variety of Yamaha upright pianos, such as the acoustic upright to satisfy practically any requirements and any budget, and all Yamaha pianos are backed by the largest piano manufacturer in the industry.

In addition to acoustic uprights, Yamaha also has exemplary acoustic hybrid and digital pianos. The Yamaha Clavinova has the expressive sound of a Yamaha grand piano and the space efficiency of an upright, in addition to its useful digital capabilities. Other Yamaha models also come with factory-installed "silent" systems or Disklavier player systems, which allow for quiet practice, digital recording, and digital collaboration.

The most modern acoustic-digital hybrid upright piano is the AvantGrand N2. With sounds recorded from a fine- tuned, quality concert grand, this hybrid upright beautifully reproduces the original sound to create a listening experience comparable to a grand concert. Additional features, such as a real acoustic soundboard and technical innovations like added vibrations in the keys, make the AvantGrand more like an acoustic grand piano than any other hybrid upright. This piano is always in tune and includes digital features at little extra cost, and is sure to impress even the most traditional pianist. Visit our showroom and experience the AvantGrand N1 and N2 upright hybrid or the N3 baby grand for yourself.


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