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Faust Harrison Pianos is the only authorized Yamaha dealer in New York City,
Westchester, Long Island and North Eastern New Jersey

Balancing leading technology and innovation with the timeless skills of expert artisans, Yamaha pianos have come to represent an unsurpassed standard of affordable excellence. It is a standard that continues to generate ever-higher acclaim and make Yamaha grand pianos the first choice of many of the world's most discriminating pianists.

We carry many of Yamaha's top pianos, from the new and highly regarded handcrafted CF Series to the world's first hybrid piano, the AvantGrand. Below you will find a brief overview of these wonderful instruments.


Hybrid Pianos
Digital Pianos

Take Notice about Used Yamaha Pianos: In addition to our inventory of new Yamaha pianos, we also carry used authorized Yamaha pianos. When selecting a used Yamaha piano, it is important to confirm that the piano is authorized by Yamaha. Unlike ourselves, most piano dealers that are not authorized Yamaha dealers import and sell used 'grey market' Yamaha pianos. These pianos are not authorized by Yamaha for sale in North America-- they may be manufactured in China, and they are not built to the same quality standards as Yamaha's authorized pianos. Furthermore, they do not have the same resale value as authorized Yamaha's. We encourage our clients to exercise caution when selecting a used Yamaha piano. A piano's serial number can identify whether it is authorized or not. Follow this link for more information, and to learn more about 'grey market' pianos.

Yamaha Grand Pianos

Classic Collection
With the power, tonality and expressive range of classic grand pianos, Yamaha's Classic Collection of baby grands are an admirable choice for smaller rooms and budgets. The Yamaha Classic is the most affordable Yamaha grand piano ever!

Models include:

Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha
Model GB1, 5'0" Model GC1, 5'3" Model GC2, 5'8"

Conservatory Collection
The "C Series" Conservatory Collection has long been the heart of the Yamaha grand piano line, offering superb sound, broad dynamic range and fine expressive control. These pianos are designed primarily for performance, recording and music school use, and appear on some of the world's most notable stages and in the homes of professional musicians. Their classic styling and careful craftsmanship make them an elegant accent to any decor. The end result of the painstaking craftsmanship of the C Series is an instrument at the peak of its musical potential that will provide generations of pleasure to their new owners— pianos, in short, that live up to the superior standards that Yamaha owners expect.

Models include:

Yamaha Yamaha Yamaha
Model C1, 5'3" Model C3, 6'1" Model C6, 7'0"


  • C2, 5’8”
  • C5, 6’7”
  • C7, 7’6”

Yamaha Handcrafted Concert Collection

The new CF Series pianos are instruments that we've long been waiting for: pianos with a glorious sound, an incredibly responsive touch and an extraordinary level of versatility. CF Series pianos are not typical Tier 1 “boutique” pianos; these are glorious instruments that not only feel perfect and sound wonderful, but also achieve the highest standards in every critical area of structure and performance.

The concept behind the CF series is “Beauty and Power.” Beauty refers to the wide range of tonal colors possible with these wonderful new instruments, and their ability to create the subtlest musical voices. In the hands of a good pianist, the CF Series pianos can “sing” with an expressiveness rarely heard. Power describes the incredible tonal presence of the CF Series. And not only when played fortissimo - even soft delicate passages carry throughout the concert hall. The bass is amazing and all registers can project over the sound of a symphony orchestra, even in a very large hall.

Yamaha's CF Series pianos are instruments of rare quality, incorporating manyrecent technological advances,Yahmaha handcrafted from the finest materials and with the highest professional standards in the Yamaha concert grand workshop. Offering concert-quality performance capability for the most demanding pianists, these pianos are being prized by performers and performing arts centers around the world.

We are delighted that Yamaha has chosen Faust Harrison Pianos
to be one of the few select dealers in the country to carry the CF Series pianos.

Models include:

  • CF4, 6’3”
  • CF6, 7’0”
  • CFX, 9’0”

Yamaha Upright Pianos

Classic Collection
Designed for schools and rehearsal areas, these Studio Pianos are often chosen by experienced players for both home and professional use.

The most popular models that we carry are:

Yamaha Yamaha
Model P22 Model T118, 47"
  • P660, 3’9”

Professional Collection
Designed for the experienced pianist and professional musicians, these upright pianos have outstanding tone, touch and durability.

The most popular models that we carry are:

Yamaha Yamaha
Model U, 48" Model YU, 52"

  • U3, 52”

Yamaha 'Hybrid' Piano

YahmahaYamaha's new AvantGrand may just be the perfect piano for pianists who require a great touch, a beautiful sound, a small footprint, a moderate price and no tuning costs. Yamaha created the AvantGrand, the world's first hybrid piano, to satisfy a need that could not be served by even the best digital pianos that just don't feel like acoustic pianos, or by traditional, professional-quality acoustic pianos that tend to have large footprints, higher prices and a need for regular maintenance.

A true hybrid piano is enabled by digital elements for the sound but also real mechanical elements for the touch. In the case of the Yamaha AvantGrand, the digital elements are as good as they get. Spectacular sampling of the acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand and highly advanced sound reproduction make it sound like a fine acoustic piano. The first of its kind action combines a modified acoustic piano action with the new Tactile Response System that recreates the vibrations that until now were absent from digital pianos. An action that feels like the real thing because it is the real thing.

The AvantGrand:

  • weighs only 35% of a traditional concert grand piano because it doesn't have the heavy cast iron plate, the massive rim or the hardwood laminate pinblock that acoustic pianos have
  • takes up 50% less space than a traditional concert grand piano because it doesn't have the expansive soundboard of an acoustic piano
  • needs no tuning because there are no strings
  • feels like a high-quality acoustic piano because it has the exact same action as in a high-quality acoustic piano and recreates the vibrations felt with an acoustic piano
  • has a moderate price because it doesn't contain many of the expensive elements that are required in a traditional acoustic piano

Yamaha Player Pianos

Yamaha's line of Disklaviers are outstanding pianos and sophisticated musical entertainment systems in one. They provide an intelligent alternative for those who want an unprecedented range of playback and recording features in an easy-to-use system.

The original Yamaha Disklavier, which debuted in 1986, introduced the world to the wonder of traditional pianos equipped with integrated digital electronics for recording, auto playback and more. Since that time, these computer-age 'player' pianos have evolved into instruments of truly remarkable capabilities. They can reproduce not only 'live' acoustic piano concerts, but ensemble music with instrumental and vocal tracks as well. They allow you to record and play back your own performance, create complex multi-track arrangements, and connect to the world of musical opportunities offered by MIDI devices, personal computers and the Internet. Their unique combination of acoustic excellence and digital versatility has made them an increasingly popular choice of pianists, educators and music-lovers worldwide.

Today, Yamaha is proud to introduce the latest evolution of the Disklavier line, integrating a host of new acoustic advances and cutting-edge digital developments. Most models now play audio/MIDI CDs. Revolutionary new PianoSmart™ features make it possible to synchronize piano recording and playback with standard audio CDs. And for those who always wanted to play the piano, new SmartKey™ technology makes it easy, guiding you through songs note by note, while adding professional embellishment.

A great New York Times article by David Pogue that illustrates all the Disklavier's amazing capabilities can be found here: A Grand (i.e., Cool) Piano

Yamaha Digital Pianos

Yamaha's line of Clavinova digital pianos are the most technologically advanced in the market.
We carry many of the most popular and newest models of Clavinovas, including the CLP series and the CVP series.

More information about all these wonderful instruments can also be found on the Yamaha website.

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