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Faust Harrison Pianos is the only authorized Yamaha Piano dealer in Huntington, NY,
Westchester, Long Island and North Eastern New Jersey

Balancing leading technology and innovation with the timeless skills of expert artisans, Faust Harrison offers a wide a selection of Yamaha Digital pianos featuring the Clavinova line as well as acoustic piano and hybrid piano models. Yamaha pianos have come to represent an unsurpassed standard of affordable excellence. It is a standard that continues to generate ever-higher acclaim and make Yamaha grand pianos the first choice of many of the world's most discriminating pianists.





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Variety, Consistency, Quality, Value
Yamaha boasts the most extensive piano product line in the world. Pianos include Clavinova digital pianos, the AvantGrand (the world's first 'hybrid' piano), and outstanding hand-built acoustic pianos. Now that Yamaha has joined the Faust Harrison Piano collection, anyone can find the perfect piano that suits their needs and budget at Faust Harrison.

Faust Harrison prides itself on carrying instruments that are of high quality and good value, so bringing aboard the Yamaha piano line was a natural fit for us. In particular, the Yamaha CF Series and U Series pianos are the highest quality and best value in their class.

Yamaha clearly achieves both quality and value, but they're also innovative. For example:
  • The new Yamaha digital piano, known as the AvantGrand, is entirely unique. It is the world's first 'hybrid' piano that creates the sound and touch of the legendary CFIIIS, but it is a digital piano that is only half the size. This digital piano costs a fraction of the price of a full concert grand, representing an unparalleled breakthrough in piano technology.
  • The new Yamaha CF Series pianos debuted in 2010 after a 19 year R&D process. In the CFX, we have found what may be the best concert piano in the world today; a piano with complete versatility and beauty of sound, combined with an unsurpassed responsive action. These factors allow the fingers to create any sound that the performer can dream of when using this Yamaha grand piano.

If we had to choose just one piano to play in concert it would be the Yamaha CFX. If we had to pick just one piano for our own home based only on sound and touch, the CF4 and the CF6 would both be on our very short list of pianos from which to choose.


Is a Yamaha Grand Piano or Digital Piano Right for Me?

Yamaha is the world’s largest manufacturer of pianos for professional musicians of all genres. It is ubiquitous in the world of jazz and pop. It has been said that the C series pianos are the most recorded pianos in the world and are universally featured in world’s finest recording studios. The C series pianos dominate in the live performance community and are commonly seen in jazz, pop, and classical venues around the world. Together, along with Steinway, they account for the vast majority of pianos on stages and in colleges, universities, and conservatories.

The degrees to which these two pianos pervade the world's public music spaces have made the name Yamaha nearly synonymous with the word "piano." Indeed, it is almost a daily occurrence that a client tells us that his or her friend or teacher or tuner suggested that they buy a Yamaha or a Steinway. Yet the C class Yamaha and the Steinway are distinctly different instruments.

If you like a rich, warm sound and love to play the classics, you're most likely to be drawn to a Faust Harrison-prepared CF Yamaha piano, or a Faust Harrison rebuilt vintage Steinway. If you love an exciting sound and the immediacy of a piano that almost "reads your mind", or if you prefer pop and jazz and Broadway musicals, you would likely prefer C class Yamaha— especially one that is carefully prepped by a company with the high technical standards of Faust Harrison Pianos.

The only way to really find your optimal piano is to try a number of them— side by side in the same showroom. We're confident that with the addition of Yamaha to our roster of world-class pianos, we can help you find a piano that speaks to you.

Take a Tour of the Yamaha Piano Factory

Watch Yamaha pianos being made at Yamaha's Kakegawa factory in Japan. This video captures Yamaha's passion for merging traditional techniques with technical perfection and advanced technology.

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