We are NY's largest piano retailer, with stores in NYC, Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut.
We are also America's largest piano restoration company.

NY Tri State area's largest piano dealer– stores in NYC, Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut     
We are also America's largest piano restoration company     

Faust Harrison Pianos Faust Harrison Pianos

Piano Restoration | Faust Harrison Rebuilt Steinways

America’s Largest Piano Rebuilder

We have rebuilt thousands of Steinway pianos. Our modernized 15,000 sq. ft. piano rebuilding factory is home to our expert craftsmen who apply the most advanced techniques, parts and materials to their trade. We painstakingly transform worn-down Steinways into glorious world-class instruments that are widely recognized to be
the best rebuilt Steinway pianos available.

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Our Value Proposition


Our rebuilt pianos sell at very attractive prices. Notwithstanding our premium quality, the efficiencies that we’ve achieved with our higher volumes and refined manufacturing processes enable us to charge very competitive prices - prices that are well below the cost of new Steinways and comparable to prices charged by lower-quality rebuilders. We always strive to supply our customers with the greatest possible value.

We rebuild all types of pianos, from classic 100-year-old Steinways to detailed art-case pianos and pianos with complex pin blocks. Although the majority of pianos that we restore are Steinways we also specialize in rebuilding other high-end pianos such as Mason & Hamlin, Bechstein and Bosendorfer. Piano manufacturers express their recognition of our expertiseby frequently consulting us to help improve their own techniques. The quality of our work has raised the bar across the piano industry!

Compare & Contrast

Our driving passion is to perfectly restore vintage Steinways to their former glory. We spent decades developing proprietary techniques and specialized equipment, mastering every facet of piano design and mechanics and hiring and training the most talented craftsmen and technicians in the industry. These facets combine to produce an exceptional quality of restored Steinway piano.

When different rebuilders restore the same pianos the results can vary greatly. Our rebuilt pianos are superior due to our (i) top quality components and materials, (ii) proprietary specialized techniques, (iii) unsurpassed know-how, and (iv) extraordinary team of expert craftsmen and technicians. You may see our quality for yourself – call us for a tour of our factory.


Faust Harrison Rebuilt Steinways

Average Rebuilder’s Steinways

New Steinways Pianos

 NY Steinway Foundry Harps

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 Custom-Selected Renner Action Parts

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 Custom, Hand-Wound Bass Strings

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 White Spruce Soundboards by Bolduc

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 Hard-Rock Maple Bridge Caps by Bolduc

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 Premium Action & Damper Installation

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 Premium Hand-Rubbed Lacquer Finish

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 Strong 5-Year Guarantee

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Genuine Steinway Harps

The heart of a piano is its harp. Almost all Steinways built prior to 1945 have exceptional cast-iron harps that were made in the Steinway foundry in New York. Over the next fifty years, Steinway harps were made in non-Steinway, commercial foundries. It is our belief that the original Steinway harps are the best ever made, and we use these in our rebuilt pianos, even though they are not available in new Steinway pianos.

Renner Action

Actions produced by the Renner company are known to be precise and responsive, making them the preferred actions for most pianists. They are hand-chosen by our technicians to fit each piano we rebuild, and they offer a quality that even new American Steinways don't provide. Other rebuilders may use other actions, and if they use Renner actions, they aren't custom-selected to best fit individual pianos.

Hand-Wound Bass Strings

Bass strings that are hand-wound cost more than others, but are so essential in creating a powerful bass sound that we take the extra expense to do so. Machine-wound bass strings simply cannot give the depth of sound we require from our rebuilt pianos.

Rebuilding Spotlight - 
Everything Old Is New Again

Piano Buyer by Stuart Isacoff 

Bolduc Eastern White Spruce Soundboards

White spruce is the preferred soundboard material for practically every maker of high-end pianos. We choose Bolduc as our supplier because they carefully select the best from the eastern white spruce trees, the finest in North America. Their careful curing creates a soundboard with unsurpassed tone and durability.


Bolduc Hard Rock Maple Bridges

The hard rock maple material that we get from Bolduc is used to make bridge caps that are unmatched in purity and strength. Bridge pins set in this superior, solid material provide solid anchors for strings, enabled the notes from the piano to be steady and true.

Installation and Tuning

The craftsmen who install and calibrate the actions and dampers in our rebuilt pianos are more highly trained and experienced than most experts in the field. The tuners who ensure the pianos are properly voiced are invaluable in creating a polished, finished product. The dedication and attention to detail by these specialists result in the highest quality used grand piano in the industry.

Hand-Rubbed Lacquer Finish

Considerable time and effort is put into our hand-rubbed lacquer finishes, and the shining result is greatly preferred by customers. With a quality rarely found on other pianos, our refinished piano cases have a rich satin luster that compliments the exquisite details. The final, polished result is breathtaking and well worth the extra effort.

Restoration Restoration Restoration

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Piano Restoration Testimonials

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214 Central Ave
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  Long Island Showroom
277 Walt Whitman Rd. (Rt. 110)
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